About us

      BISC Machinery Group CO.,LTD is a professional laser machine manufacturer. We supply tailored solutions and products to over 100 countries and regions. Our portfolio ranges from laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines,laser marking machines,laser cleaning machines to laser welding machines. 

Rather than merely supplying single products, we offer solutions that can link ideas to productions, solutions that are practical in improving industrial automation, and solutions that are versatile for diversified applications. The integration of our machineries with software and systems offer our customers long-lasting advantages by reducing labor cost, management cost and down time while at the same time increasing flexibility, efficiency and output. 

Our "BISC" and "SINMEC" branded laser cutting machine have obtained remarkable achievements in the design of precise cutting as well as metal process technology.
We look to the European and US quality standard as reference. We are among the very few Chinese manufacturers with a mind highly committed to providing machineries for the most demanding industrial use. All our products, from the most economical models to the most complicated ones, are invariably precision-engineered in the most advanced machining facilities. The whole manufacturing processes are meticulously and systemically controlled in order to guarantee the quality and precision. We understand that our customers need machines that can be relied on to perform and we make sure our partner's investment will look just as good after years of service. 
We market our products through a strong and comprehensive sales network extending to the whole world market, including but not limited to the USA, Russia, Australia, Middle East, South America and South East Asia.Our geographic strength means that we can offer you the best laser solution with combined local market knowledge no matter where you are.
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